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Slashing the Grocery Bill

February 13, 2011

The grocery bill seems to be inching up lately, and I’m resolved to reverse that trend. It seems like I find fabulous deals every time I go to the market… until the next week, when I realize my “fabulous deal” was just a marketing trick that I had fallen for. Some of my recent realizations:

  • Endcaps do not equal savings. Look for an item in it’s regular location – then you can truly see if it’s a deal.
  • A larger package may not be the best deal. The unit price is the most important number to look at – a small container may have the same unit price, and may not go bad as quickly.
  • Do the math. The store I shop at has the unit price printed on most price labels. Unfortunatley, I’ve seen a misprinted unit price several times now, so it makes sense to do the math.
  • Get a basket or small cart. This limits the amount that you can buy!
  • Pick up the flyer. The best deals in the store are typically located on the front and back pages, so it’s worth checking out. Scan the middle too, but be wary… just because it’s in the flyer does not mean it’s a deal.
  • Wasted food is wasted money. Don’t buy more than you’ll eat.
  • Clip coupons, and use them wisely. Go to the market on double coupon day. Even if you only save $4 per trip, you’ll save over $200 per year.  At the same time, if using a coupon causes you to buy something you don’t really need, it’s a waste of money.
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